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Clown X presents: 'Join The Circus' at JDW 1-8/7

The circus is a parallel world, a utopia, in which those who have been ejected from the predatory gears of the system live.

Runaway Circus has invited Clown X, a group of multidisciplinary performers, to operate as the official circus group of Jerusalem Design Week 2021.

During the week, this circus people create across the Hansen House an authentic environment that will satisfy their needs and passions while inviting the visitors to take part: fighting and gambling for amusement and entertainment, decapitation and distillation of watermelons into a red and addictive liquor, a regal songbird bursting into song every hour and a large parade that gathers the participants and audience for a joint show in the circus tent. There, the queen puts the jesters to the tests, but as one falters and is executed, the others revolt.

A show of acrobatics, opera, polka, punk and white clowns where everyone is invited to be smeared with the holy white ashes and join in.

photography: Dor Kedmi

photography: Dor Kedmi


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