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The execution

A phantasmagoria on present life. A wild, rolicking, satirical circus production which takes place in the city square, and uses its location as its stage.

In the center, a special stage is erected with a guillotine on it, one of the balconies becomes the palace balcony, and the audience that gathers becomes, against their will, the “simpletons” who gather to witness the execution.

The performance was invited to be opening event for the Tel Aviv White Nights series in the Old City in June 2015, and in June 2017.

Writing and directing | Eldad Prywes

Musical direction | Eyal Talmudi

Costume design | Paulina Admov

Lighting design | Shai Shtarker

Flag logo design | Tammy Bernstein

Producer | Yogi Dekel

Technical Production | Reaction

Jetta Monte, Benny Eldar, Yuval Oren, Ariel Bronze, Jennifer Cohen, Roi Chen, Kathy Triponov, Uri Yaniv, Joschen and Avital Poschko, Oded Avinaran, Netanel Rechavi, Francoise Marie Rochais, Irit Rohatin, Orit Marmod, Eyal Talmudi, Matan Yaniv, Meiri Zarmi and Eldad Prywes.

In cooperation with the religious Scouts Youth Choir, Lod.

Supported by the city of Tel Aviv, Beit Ha’ir and the European Union.

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